Thomas Jefferson University

Tutor Training


Academic Support Services facilitates content area tutoring by offering training for students approved as tutors by their department or program.

Training sessions may be requested by contacting James Dyksen.

Before attending the training workshop, tutors are required to complete a review of the following material:

  • Reading: MacDonald, Ross B. (2000). The Master Tutor: A Guidebook for More Effective Tutoring. 2nd Edition. Williamsville, NY: Cambridge Stratford Study Skills Institute. Chapters 1 & 2. 
    • Copies of The Master Tutor are available at the Office of Student Affairs, Edison     Building 1122.
  • Video presentation on the Tutoring Cycle: 

The in-person training workshop will then focus on practical concerns for both effective individual and group tutoring.

Follow-up meetings will be scheduled to support tutors on an ongoing basis, and Academic Support Services staff are always available to support both tutors and tutees. 

Mondays - Fridays
8am - 5pm  

Edison Building
18th Floor
(215) 503-6335
(215) 503-2787


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