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Preparing Academic Success Strategies (PASS)

Preparing Academic Success Strategies is a FREE half-day workshop on the skills and strategies that will help you adjust to the new learning demands you’ll face as a student at Jefferson.  We will cover topics on time management, active and efficient study strategies, as well as exam preparation and test taking strategies. 

We strongly believe that every student at Jefferson can succeed. PASS provides tools that will help students reach that success.

PASS is held every August before the fall semester begins. 


Our review of the study cycle provides an opportunity to consider strategies for adjusting each stage of study to improve efficiency and to incorporate elements of active study earlier and more often. 

For a more detailed discussion of the study cycle, and as a first step before scheduling an individual study strategies consultation, please attend the workshop "Adjusting the Study Cycle: Strategies for Active and Efficient Learning." This workshop is offered every Monday at noon in the 1111 Conference Room, 901 Walnut. Please register at AppointmentPlus

Study Cycle Introduction: Active Study

Stage 1: Previewing & Pre-Reading

Stage 2: Lecture & Note-taking

Stage 3: Processing, Reviewing, Planning

Stage 4: Active Study & Self-Testing

Time Management: Takeaways

Mondays - Fridays
8am - 5pm  

Edison Building
Suite 1120
(215) 503-6335
(215) 503-2787


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