Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Overview & Goals

Thomas Jefferson University created a Behavioral Intervention Team (JeffBIT) to provide support to faculty and students to help students displaying concerning, disruptive or inappropriate behavior that should be addressed but does not require immediate follow-up. Click here to go to directly to the Submit a Report page.

The goals of JeffBIT are:

  • Provide formal, centralized structure for supporting a student in crisis, distress, or with behavioral issues to ensure that all appropriate University stakeholders are involved.
  • Provide a centralized referral destination for faculty and staff, alleviating their responsibility when intervention is needed.
  • Advocate for appropriate resources and supports to ensure student safety and success.
  • Implement a proactive, integrated, team-based assessment and intervention plan.
  • Provide recommendations for administrative decisions regarding matriculation status of at-risk students.
  • Monitor at-risk students moving forward and post-intervention.
  • Communicate with appropriate campus stakeholders and track students receiving referrals from different sources.
  • Maintain documentation for the management of individual cases.

Mondays - Fridays
8am - 5pm  

Edison Building
Suite 1120
(215) 503-6335
(215) 503-2787


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