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Children in Instructional Settings

The University teaching and learning environment is not an appropriate setting for children.

Faculty and students shall refrain from bringing children to classrooms, studios, laboratories and other instructional settings except in the event of unanticipated emergencies and in those instances, only with appropriate approval. When unanticipated emergencies do arise and an exception is being sought, the procedure for seeking approval is as follows:

  • A student seeking permission must contact the course instructor prior to the beginning of class to discuss potential alternate solutions, and if there are none, to request the instructor’s permission to bring a child to that instructional setting on the designated day.
  • Full-time and adjunct faculty members seeking permission must contact either the program director/section coordinator, as appropriate, or the manager of academic operations, in accordance with the College/School procedures, to discuss the circumstances, and whether the director/section coordinator or manager will grant permission to bring a child to that instructional setting on the designated day.

While this is a general University policy about children in instructional settings, individual Colleges or Schools may adopt more restrictive policies which do not allow for any exceptions for certain settings, such as workshops, laboratories, and studios, for which the protection of faculty, students, their children as well as the University’s facilities.

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