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Social Media Policy

Social media websites are used increasingly by University departments, students and employees, and these communications tools have the potential to create a significant impact on professional and organizational reputations. In light of this, it is important that you are familiar with the University’s Social Media Policy, which is printed below:

Purpose and Policy

Thomas Jefferson University and its affiliated entities (“Jefferson”) respects the rights of its students, faculty, staff, employees, contractors, consultants, temporary employees, guests, volunteers and other members of the Jefferson community (“Jefferson Users”) to use social networking sites (e.g., Face Book, My Space, and You Tube), personal Web sites, Weblogs, and Wikis such as Wikipedia and any other site where text can be posted (“Social Media”).

Use of Jefferson owned or provided computer hardware, software and other equipment which support and facilitate voice mail, electronic mail and access to the Internet (“Electronic Communications”) are the property of Jefferson. Accordingly, Jefferson Users must adhere to the Electronic Communications and Information Policy, Number 102.27, when using Electronic Communications to post text on social networking sites.

If a Jefferson User chooses to identify himself or herself as an employee/student/faculty/guest/ volunteer/temporary employee/or other member of the Jefferson community when using Social Media for personal use, others may view the Jefferson User as a representative or spokesperson of Jefferson. In light of this possibility, Jefferson recommends that Jefferson Users not refer to Jefferson.

If the use of Social Media by a Jefferson User relates to the business/mission of Jefferson, this Policy requires the Jefferson User to observe the following guidelines.

  • To create Social Media related to the business/mission of Jefferson, please obtain prior written approval from your Dean, JUP Executive Director, Hospital Senior Vice President, or Kimmel Cancer Center Director. Please be aware that this type of Social Media is not an open forum and postings must be related to Jefferson’s mission. Assign one or more administrator(s) who are the only person(s) in charge of reviewing and approving content to be posted to the Social Media. To obtain approval for use of the Jefferson name or logo on Social Media, follow the Trademark Policy and include the name(s) of the administrator(s) for the Social Media on the Trademark Request Form.
  • Jefferson Users should be respectful in all communications related to or referencing Jefferson and its community. Be clear in any references to Jefferson that you are speaking for yourself and not on behalf of Jefferson, unless it is Jefferson created Social Media.
  • If not otherwise publicly available, obtain the prior written approval of others of whom you wish to cite, reference and/or post a picture.
  • Jefferson Users should discuss internal matters directly with a manager, Human Resources, or through other appropriate, internal channels, such as the University Ombudsman, or Office of Student Affairs.
  • Remember that all Jefferson Policies apply to the use of Social Media. Jefferson Users should review the appropriate Code of Conduct, Student Handbook, Operating Policy, Hospital Procedure and/or School/College Bylaw to ensure the use of Social Media is compliant.
  • Remember that all applicable federal, state or local laws, such as (but not limited to) patient privacy laws or copyright laws, apply to the use of Social Media.
  • Jefferson Users may not post or disclose confidential or other proprietary information of Jefferson.

  • Jefferson Users who are contacted by a Social Media page/channel/site for comments or authorization to use Jefferson owned or controlled material, must: (i) contact Public Relations at 5-6300, (ii) follow Public Relations’ policies and (iii) secure the necessary approvals for comments and/or authorization to use Jefferson owned or controlled material. 


Any Jefferson User found to have violated this Policy may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Modification of Policy

Jefferson reserves the right to revise this Policy at any time.
Interpretation and Administration

The Office of University Counsel shall be responsible for the interpretation of this Policy and the Office of the University President and the Office of the Director of Communications shall be responsible for the administration of this Policy.

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