Undergraduate/Graduate Exit Interview Process

  • JCHP, JCN, JCBS, JCP, and JCPH Students can now complete the Exit process ONLINE! ┬áThis online process has many advantages that include: Flexibility to fit your schedule with online availability 24/7 until mid April
  • Can view the presentation as often as needed
  • Can meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to discuss further questions you may have once the Exit process is completed. All meetings must be scheduled in advance by contacting the Financial Aid Office at (215) 955-2867 and requesting an appointment.

To complete the Exit Interview please follow these instructions:

  1. Log on to Canvas.
  2. Open the Financial Aid Office organization page.
  3. Click the Exit Interview Requirement link on the left hand column.
  4. Open and watch the Exit Interview Power Point presentation; close the browser session when done.
  5. Back at the original Exit page, confirm the statement that you have watched the video by choosing "TRUE". This will send notification to the Financial Aid Office. Save, and then submit.

    A confirmation page will appear. Click "OK" at this page and click "OK" at the next page.
  6. Click the exit quiz link which will take you to studentaid.gov/. At this site, you must click the "Exit Counseling" button and complete the "Federal Quiz". The Financial Aid Office will be notified directly when the quiz has been successfully completed.

    NOTE: Within the quiz, you will need to complete a questionnaire. Please be prepared to provide your Drivers License number and two complete family references that live at different addresses.
  7. For students who have borrowed institutionally administered loans, (e.g., Federal Perkins, TJU, Simpson loan etc.), a university repayment schedule must also be signed. Repayment Schedules must be signed with the TJU Student Loan Office within two weeks of completion of the Exit Power Point and quiz. The Student Loan Office is located in the Scott Library Building on the 5th floor; Room 521. Please ask for Rebecca Reynolds.
  8. You cannot be cleared for graduation until all requirements have been met which includes signing the university Repayment Schedules.
  9. For additional information about Income Based Repayment, Federal Consolidation, Federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and Institutional Loans, reference the Helpful Links and Documents listed within this web page.