Thomas Jefferson University

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why can’t I reserve space for my event after 8/25/2020?

A: The primary obligation of SMRR is to ensure all academic programs have the space they need for courses. Approving non-course events before annual course scheduling is complete displaces classes and directly impacts the student learning environment.

Q: So when can I start putting my requests in for next year?

A: You will be able to submit requests for events up until August 2021 starting in early May 2020.  Please review our scheduling timeline for a better understanding of when space is released.

Q: Why do I have to give my department’s charge code when making a reservation? I’m not going to incur any expenses.

A: We require all room requests to have a charge code attached although there may be no planned charges at the time of booking.  This is a standard policy for SMRR.

Q: Is there a charge for using the room?

A: At this time there is no charge for using any of the rooms managed by SMRR. However, this may change. When any change is implemented communication will be sent out to the campus. We do not have any information at this time regarding the pricing structure or exemptions.

Q: Help! I missed the cutoff time to reserve a room/AV services/ custodial setup through the EMS Web App. How do I reserve these for my upcoming meeting?

A: We strongly advise that you allow enough time in the event planning process to ensure room bookings and services are guaranteed.  If you have missed the cutoff there is no guarantee that a room or support services can be arranged by the start of your meeting due to staffing and available resources. If you find yourself in this situation please reach out to the individual departments via email to request expedited service. Additional rush charges may apply.

Q: Why are the cutoff times for services different from each other and from room reservations?

A: Each service is managed by a different department. The amount of resources and available staffing directly impact their ability to provide service on short notice. For this reason some departments may require to have all event information well in advance while others are more flexible closer to the day of the event.

Q: I have a login that I used with the older version of the Web App (V-EMS). How do I start using my campus key to login to this system?

A: First, try logging in with your campus key. The Web App should be able to pick up the associated email address. If that does not work we will need to add your campus key to your user account manually. Please email with your old login information, your campus key and your department.

Q: I have several active reservations that I'm not able to see on the EMS Web App. How do I find them?

A: Any room booked via email will not show on the EMS Web App. Please let us know the reservation number of the one you are missing and we can add this to your view. Please email 

Q: The person who managed our events is leaving our department. How do we assign existing reservations to our new event coordinator?

A: First, please ensure the new event coordinator has an EMS user account; they will need a campus key. Before the current coordinator leaves please have them email to request that the bookings be moved to the new user. If they have already left, their supervisor should email with the events that they need access to. Please include any confirmation numbers if you have them.