Thomas Jefferson University

Auditorium Projection Services

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Solis-Cohen and Brent auditoria in Jefferson Alumni Hall include projection facilities for audiovisual materials. Each auditorium seats 242.

Projection booths in each hall house high-intensity video and data projectors, slide projectors and remote controls for all of the systems in the rooms. They not only provide a secure housing for the equipment, they also help in reducing the noise generated by the projectors' cooling fans.

The podium in each auditorium houses a Pentium III PC with built-in CD-ROM, zip and disk drives, wireless keyboard and mouse, a 15-inch LCD monitor, an S-VHS video player with remote, and a remote control panel for the video projector. There are also connections for a laptop, in case a presenter chooses to bring in his or her own. Both the built-in PC in each podium and the personal laptop can easily be connected to the University network as well.

The podiums allow for easy control, by the presenters, of all audiovisual material that may be used as part of a class or presentation. The bright LCD monitor built into each podium allows the presenter to see exactly what is being projected without having to turn away from the audience to look at the screen.

In addition to podium controls, a wireless remote presentation controller is also available. It allows a presenter to start, advance and reverse a PowerPoint presentation and also to turn the image on and off from anywhere in the room.

While all the above equipment is permanently installed in the rooms, an equipment request must still be placed with AV Services at least twenty-four hours prior to use. The Audiovisual Equipment Services division can be reached at 215-503-1290.

Equipment reservations are separate from room reservations. To reserve one of the auditoria, contact the University Registrar’s Office at 215-503-8734 or

For further information about the projection systems, questions or comments, contact Pejman Makarechi, Director, Biomedical Communications, at 215-503-7841, or