Thomas Jefferson University

Teaching Support Services
You Are Never Alone

Jefferson has over 100 technology-equipped teaching spaces on campus, automated lecture capture in 40 classrooms and auditoria, Sympodium interactive tablets for live presentation annotation, webcasting, video streaming and videoteleconferencing – all the technology choices can be a bit daunting. The audiovisual technicians of the Academic Commons' AV Services are there for you at your point of need, supporting the new academic technologies while also providing familiar and traditional audiovisual support services, such as laptops, video projection, and microphones.

A menu of basic services is available to all Jefferson Colleges and Colleges without charge, for all curriculum-based courses scheduled to start between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday-Friday. These services are free to the requesting unit, but must still be booked prior to need, with reasonable advance notice. View the basic service menu.

Specialty services (including attendance by an audiovisual technology specialist), videoconferencing, special event support and non-curriculum-based activity support are also available for a fee. Such services are NOT covered by the basic service contract and will be charged back to the individual or department requesting the service. See price list.

Why is Support Tiered?

Provision of basic services assures a consistently high level classroom experience for all Jefferson faculty and students regardless of the College or College in which they may be enrolled. This approach also frees the faculty and course coordinators from concern over support request fees and eliminates the need for any faculty members to bring departmental equipment to their classes.

The higher costs of specialty services are charged to the specific programs that require the unusual technology or higher degree of support.

In order to help control Jefferson's overall costs it is important that faculty plan their support services needs carefully and request only the equipment and services they need for each class session.