Thomas Jefferson University

Advanced Basic Science Elective - IDPT 425

Computer Sciences - Medical Informatics

A student enrolled in Phase I or Phase II of the clinical curriculum is eligible to enroll in the required Advanced Basic Science (ABS) elective. In lieu of one of the regularly-scheduled courses, the student may propose to fulfill the ABS requirement as an independent study by submitting a request form, which can be obtained from the Registrar's Office, together with a brief written proposal that meets the required criteria. Contact Dr. Anthony Frisby ( or (215) 503-4990) for more information.

Introduction & Goals: The Computer Science/Medical Informatics elective may be used to develop, or revise, software or to write an academic research paper that would contribute to the medical literature.

Software programs must be developed for one of the following purposes:

  • use by Jefferson's medical education curriculum,
  • to facilitate medical research data collection or analysis,
  • to facilitate or improve ambulatory or hospital patient care,
  • to facilitate or improve patient education.

Academic papers should research and analyze some aspect of medical education or medical practice. Papers can focus on new research, current opinions or trends in medical education/practice or be a meta-analysis of existing research results.

Students do not need prior programming experience, as Academic Commons' staff will provide training and assistance as needed. Staff will also provide, as necessary, help with the development of a suitable research question, the research process and appropriate statistics, and how to structure the article and references for the intended journal.

Evaluation: Formal evaluation is a required component of all ABS electives. The evaluation may be a report of the project/program developed, suitable for publication, or the academic research paper as submitted for publication. The Academic Commons encourages and supports student research and authorship and will assist in finding an appropriate venue for publication.

Schedule: The program of study and formal evaluation must be completed in its entirety within a specific four-week block of the curriculum.