Thomas Jefferson University

Library Skills Training


We know that as facutly, staff, and clinicians you are busy. That’s why the Academic Commons recently created four on-demand video sessions on popular library databases to assist with teaching & learning and clinical care. This video series, called Information Literacy Starter Pack, provides in-depth training on tools like DynaMed, ClinicalKey, JoVE, Draw it to Know it, and more.

Click on a video title below to read complete session descriptions and watch the videos.

In addition to on-demand sessions, you can request in-class training and hands-on-computer sessions for your students. Some possible topics include:

  • How a database such as OVIDSP MEDLINE works
  • How to effectively search PubMed
  • Effective research techniques
  • How to navigate the Library's website
  • How to do community assessments
  • Pharmacy and pharmacoeconomic resources
  • Using Personal Bibliographic Software such as RefWorks
  • How to search CINAHL
  • A Scott Library tour
  • How to do a literature search
  • Health Policy: Searching state and federal legislation
  • OT and PT literature searching

Contact for assistance.