Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Graduation Holds Information

Graduation holds are placed on student accounts approximately two to three weeks before commencement. Regular emails are sent from the Registrar’s Office alerting students to their incomplete graduation requirements.  Students with graduation holds will be unable to receive their diplomas on the date of commencement.  Only until all holds are resolved will a student be eligible to receive his or her diploma.

The three most common graduation holds and their resolutions are as follows:

  1. Online Exit Requirement: Student must complete the online exit counseling for federal loans borrowed during school at

NOTE: SKMC students must attend an in-person exit counseling session conducted by the Office of Financial Aid at 215-503-8734 or

  1. Repayment Schedule: Student must complete the exit paperwork for
    institutional loans borrowed during school. Exit paperwork can be signed by visiting the Tuition/Cashier Office located in the Curtis Center, Suite 925E, 601 Walnut Street.
  2. Tuition Balance: Student must pay the balance on his or her account. Student can contact the Tuition/Cashier Office at 215-503-7669 or
  3. On the East Falls campus, all student must pay the balance of his or her account by contacting the Tuition Office.

Important Note: The Registrar’s Office does not clear any graduation holds.
Students must contact the Tuition/Cashier Office directly to handle Repayment Schedule and/or Tuition Balance holds.