Thomas Jefferson University

Corporate Compliance Division

The U.S. government has declared health care fraud as its #2 priority, second only to violent crime. The government has demonstrated its dedication to eliminating health care fraud in a recent series of well-publicized investigations, criminal convictions and staggering fines. For example, the University of Pennsylvania settled with the government for a reported $30 million, SmithKline Beecham settled for a reported $225 million and here at Thomas Jefferson University, we settled with the government for $12 million dollars. Additionally, Jefferson’s exposure to prosecution is heightened by laws which allow private citizens to bring qui tam fraud claims against providers on behalf of the government and to share in any recovery from such claims.

Corporate Compliance Administration was established in response to these government initiatives regarding health care fraud and abuse. The aim of the program is to minimize legal and business risks to TJU and JUP. The Compliance Department conducts internal audits and investigations, and coordinates all external investigations by the government. Additionally, the Compliance Department is involved with the education of the TJU and JUP community on the ever-changing laws and regulations.