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Departmental Catering & Meal Tickets

Departmental Catering Campus Currency Cards

Departmental Campus Currency Catering Cards provide Jefferson departments with an easy way to order from Campus Currency Merchants.

To open an account, review and complete the Departmental Campus Currency Cardholder Agreement.  Once the Agreement is signed by the Departmental Authorizer please email and the card will be printed and made available for pick-up.

To upload funds to the card, complete the Campus Currency Departmental Card Upload form, with approval from the Departmental Authorizer and a complete departmental charge code (including natural account) then submit to Integrated Card Services.  Please note that the department will be charged at the time of receipt; the maximum allowable amount per upload is $2,500.00.

The Cardholder is responsible for ensuring proper use of the card and maintenance of supporting documentation for all departmental catering expenses.

Payment for departmental catering is to be made in person to ensure compliance with the cardholder agreement.  In the rare occurrence that payment cannot be made in person, the Department’s Campus Currency account number is printed on the front of the Card.  The Cardholder will be required to provide the number to the vendor for manual processing.  When purchases are made using this method, it is imperative to obtain a receipt.

On a monthly basis, a report will be sent to the Departmental Cardholder and Authorizer to reconcile expenses made with the Departmental Campus Currency Catering Card.  Cardholders are required to maintain all receipts and transaction related documents.

The Photo ID Center will audit transactions made using the departmental card and will request additional information for any transactions deemed questionable.

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Atrium Meal Tickets

Jefferson Departments can purchase meal tickets from Photo ID Center by completing this order form and faxing to 215-923-3653.


  1. The Meal Ticket Order Form must be submitted in advance; walk-in requests cannot be accommodated at this time.
  2. Only the Meal Ticket Order Form will be accepted; memos and emails are not sufficient.
  3. Please allow at least two hours for processing.


Please do NOT punch holes in the NEW Jefferson Photo ID Badge


Our cards have microchips embedded within them. A hole punch will compromise the microchip and disable the card's ability to function. You will be required to pay the $25.00 replacement fee.

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