Thomas Jefferson University


Students and personnel are eligible for a Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  The Jefferson Photo ID Badge Policy (200.30) defines personnel as faculty, staff, medical staff, residents, volunteers, contractors, vendors and visitors.

The Jefferson Photo ID Badge is the official identification badge.  The badge is a multi-functional card with digitized photo and electronic identification and validation for departments need to verify student and/or personnel status.  The badge serves as a platform for identity, compliance and access, as well as other campus-related services and functions.

The Jefferson Photo ID Badge is generated from data obtained from the student record system or employee personnel database.  Non-employee affiliates may be issued a photo identification badge at the discretion of the organization.

Only students and personnel with a campus key are eligible to use the Online Card Center (GET) or GET Mobile App.

Rights and privileges associated with the badge are non-transferable.  Do not lend your badge to a friend.  You are accountable for all financial and business transactions conducted with your Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  All Jefferson personnel (employees, medical and house staff, faculty, students, volunteers, clergy and vendors) will display a Jefferson Photo ID Badge while on Jefferson property.

If you believe your Jefferson Photo ID Badge has been lost or stolen, please contact Photo ID Center located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street, at 215-955-7942 during our regular business hours For your convenience, the Online Card Center (GET) and GET Mobile App are available 24 hours a day to report your card as lost or found.

Once you report the loss online, through the GET Mobile App or speak with a Integrated Card Services representative, your Jefferson Photo ID Badge will be frozen immediately.  Frozen accounts may be reactivated through the Online Card Center (GET), the GET Mobile App or at Integrated Card Services; only the most recently issued card can be reactivated.

When the Photo ID Center is closed you may report the loss to the Jefferson Campus Security Department at (215) 955-8888, but your card will not be deactivated.

NOTE: there is a $25.00 replacement cost for lost badges.

If you find someone else’s badge, be sure to return it to Photo ID Center located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street, or call (215) 955-7942 for further instructions.  Attempting to use a lost and/or stolen badge for any purpose can be considered theft.


Please do NOT punch holes in the NEW Jefferson Photo ID Badge


Our cards have microchips embedded within them. A hole punch will compromise the microchip and disable the card's ability to function. You will be required to pay the $25.00 replacement fee.

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