Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson Jewish Students Association

The Jefferson Jewish Student Association (JSA) is an organization devoted to allowing Jewish students on campus to stay connected with their culture, educating the community about Jewish practices, and working towards improving the experiences of Jewish Patients.

Jefferson JSA welcomes students from all backgrounds across all programs at the University, and hosts many types of programs to increase understanding and community.  Many of these occur as a lunch time talk or some other form of celebration (like reading the megillah or building a sukkah) right around the time of a holiday. During these events, students of the Jefferson community are invited to join us in learning about the holidays and their significance, as well as to enjoy delicious kosher food. Throughout the year we host Friday night Shabbat dinners for the Jefferson community, and collaborate with other medical Jewish student groups from across the city to host a meal and increase friendships with other medical student colleagues.  In order to enhance patient experience, recent efforts by JSA have brought kosher food to hospital cafeterias at Jefferson, and we are looking to further enhance options available to those in the hospital.

The Jefferson Jewish Student Associations welcomes all questions, comments, and ideas in order to create a better learning experience and environment for all people associated with Jefferson, and can be contacted at