Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Jefferson Latino Medical Student Association


The Jefferson Latino Medical Student Association, formerly known as the National Boricua Latino Health Organization (NBLHO), is a student group representing medical, graduate and health professions students from the northeast region of the United States. The organization’s mission is to recruit Latinos into higher education, educate the public and one another about Latino health issues, advocate for increased Latino representation in medical, graduate and health professions Colleges, and promote awareness about social, political and economic issues as they relate to Latino health. It also serves to create a social network for Latino students and an environment for academic support.

Members of this organization seek progressive and equitable institutionalized changes and advocate for human rights as they apply to health care for the Latino community. Members network with other organizations at the local and national level to achieve common objectives. In addition, the organization serves to educate and sensitize the entire medical community to the specific needs and differences of the Latino patient regarding health and well-being.

LMSA collaborates closely with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives to promote lectures about issues important to Latino health and co-sponsors programs to further promote sensitivity and awareness during Latin Heritage Month and Diversity Week.