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National Center for Telehealth Education & Research (NCTER)

The Institute of Emerging Health Health Professions in collaboration with JeffConnect will lead innovation and implementation of Telehealth & Connected Care.

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The National Center for Telehealth Education and Research (NCTER) will lead effective practices for Telehealth implementation through innovative research, training, and education to transform healthcare into the digital age.




To advance and advocate for telehealth optimization through:

  • Education & Training –to provide a variety of foundational resources to support awareness and strategies for adoption
  • Research – using data to enhance patient care and outcomes to measure telehealth effectiveness 

Education & Training


As leaders in telehealth, we have developed a variety of educational offerings to equip healthcare professionals to understand and utilize telehealth technologies to improve patient care.  

View the following educational programs below: 

                · Telehealth and Connected Care: An Advanced Course 


NCTER's commitment to creating new tools for improving both the quality and accessibility of patient care

Clinical Trials, Grants and Contracts

Title: State of Emergency: Reducing Racial Disparities in Diabetes Care in Pennsylvania

The major goal of this randomized controlled trial is to test the efficacy of a collaborative community-based telehealth intervention to prevent emergency room visits and/or hospitalizations to improve glycemic control and quality of medication use in African Americans with diabetes.

1R01DK114033 (Rovner) 05/21/18-03/31/22
Pennsylvania Department of Health SAP# 4100077081

Title: Reducing Emergency Diabetes Care for Older African Americans

The goal of this randomized controlled trial is to test the efficacy of a collaborative community-based telehealth intervention to prevent emergency department (ED) visits and/or hospitalizations to improve glycemic control and quality of medication use in older African Americans with diabetes mellitus (DM)

1R18DK118590-01A1 (Rising) 07/01/19-06/30/24
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases 

Title: A pragmatic randomized controlled trial assessing the impact of medically tailored meals and medical nutrition therapy via telehealth among patients with poorly controlled diabetes

The objective of this study is to conduct a randomized control trial to assess the effect of 1) medically tailored meals (MTM) and 2) telehealth-delivered medical nutrition therapy + MTM on outcomes for patients with poorly-controlled diabetes.

Role: Co-Investigator
1R18DK118590-01A1 (Rising) 07/01/19-06/30/24

Title: The Federal Communications Commission's COVID-19 Telehealth Program

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was awarded $922,688 for tablets, computers, and remote monitoring equipment to offer patient-based internet-connected remote monitoring for blood pressure, pulse oximetry, weight, and glucose levels to manage chronic diseases and COVID-19 related symptoms, to perform video consultations with both regular outpatient providers as well as with emergency physicians for assessment of acute problems related to COVID-19 or other acute illnesses, and other remote treatment for chronic conditions via telehealth and ongoing remote patient monitoring


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