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Connected Care: Telehealth & Digital Health Innovation

Non-Matriculated Option

Telehealth & Connected Care: An Advanced Course

The healthcare landscape is constantly changing and the role of telehealth in healthcare delivery has expanded and seen massive growth. Many clinicians have now adopted telehealth practices to broader access to healthcare, increases efficiency while reducing costs, and enhances patient safety, quality of care, patient satisfaction, and outcomes. With Telehealth expanding and being adopted by more hospitals, there is an emerging need for trained professionals who will effectively employ telehealth services. This course upskills and provides advanced training to clinicians that are currently practicing telehealth to ensure the best care for their patients

Who should apply?

Clinicians, administrators, managers and other professionals from a wide variety of health care specialties including:

Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Pharmacists, Registered Nurses, Psychologists, Counselors, Social Workers, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Respiratory Therapists, Optometrists, Dietitians, Nutritionists and more.


Application for credits has been filed with the Jefferson Office of Continuing Professional Development. Determination of credits is pending.
  1. Describe Telehealth and its corresponding technologies
  2. Analyze the applications, benefits and challenges of Telehealth delivery
  3. Formulate an effective telehealth team with various roles
  4. Employ common Telehealth technologies with technical proficiency
  5. Compose a plan for general set-up, physical exam and troubleshooting during a Telehealth encounter
  6. Practice the ethical, legal, and regulatory considerations of Telehealth
  7. Organize programmatic issues and ways to improve systems

Program Details

Course Dates: October 19, 2020 - December 18, 2020

Application Deadline: October 12, 2020

  • Telehealth and Connected Care: An Advanced Course, 3-credits 
  • Tuition and fees vary by program and term. For more information, please review our Tuition Information page and select 'Graduate and Institute of Emerging Health Professions tuition and fees' link. 

Application Requirements

Students are invited to take courses without committing to a certificate program as a non-matriculated student. We can accommodate individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree in any area of study. If a non-matriculated student eventually applies to and is accepted by the Digital Health certificate program, credits for any courses in which he or she earned a “B” or above can be transferred. 

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How to apply

  • Please be sure to read all instructions at the top of each screen before starting each section.
  • When asked to choose a Login ID, you may, but are not required to, use your social security number. This will help the Admissions Office match transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statements and other materials accordingly. Otherwise you can create a Login ID of up to 9 alphanumeric characters. You may choose any six-digit number for the PIN number. Be certain to record your Login ID and PIN number.
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Shruti Chandra, MD, MEHP
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Marc Stearns
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Office of Admissions
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