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Blockchain for Health Care

The Blockchain for Health Care graduate certificate is focused on exploring the fundamentals of Blockchain and related technologies that can be leveraged to improve healthcare and empower patients.

Program Length

1 year

Program Format



Bachelor's degree


October 18, 2019

Start Date

October 28, 2019

Blockchain technology has the potential for improving auditing, data provenance, and data quality. As we move to more advanced technologies being used in the care process, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, these technologies can be used to augment and address these areas.

- Mitch Parker - Executive Director, Information Security and Compliance, Indiana University Health


A first-of-its-kind certificate created to nationally bridge the emerging fields of Blockchain and healthcare at the graduate level. The courses will provide a high-level understanding of privacy, ethics, and regulatory issues regarding technologies and how they can be used within the healthcare system.  


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to advance in their careers as Business Analysts, Technology Engineers, Hospital Administrators, Data Analysts, Informational Technology Managers, Data Governance Administrators, Clinical Trial Managers, Physician Liaisons and more.  


Download the Blockchain for Health Care Brochure (PDF)

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify problems or opportunities and generate ideas to address those within the complex healthcare system.
  • Understand how Blockchain technology works with healthcare systems and existing technologies.
  • Understand Distributed Ledger Technology and Consensus Mechanism.
  • Lead, manage, or work effectively in support of the development or implementation of Blockchain technology projects in a healthcare environment.
  • Communicate effectively, particularly innovative ideas, verbally and in writing for diverse audiences both within and outside of healthcare systems.

Watch this brief video for an inside look at our Blockchain for Health Care graduate certificate.


Course Names Credit Hours
Intro to Blockchain 3
Blockchain - The New Trust Framework
Blockchain - Policy and Standards
Blockchain - Real World Use Cases

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Faculty Members

Joseph Guagliardo, JD, MBA

Joseph Guagliardo, JD, MBA
Pepper Hamilton LLP


Mike McCoy

Michael McCoy
Blockchain Implementation Manager, Accenture 


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Program Cost

Tuition: $1,150 per credit

IT Fee: $540

Library Fee: $388

Contact Us

Program Contact


Shruti Chandra, MD
Program Director, Digital Health
Institute of Emerging Health Professions



Admissions Contact


Marc Stearns
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Office of Admissions
(215) 503-0155

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