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Institute of Emerging Health Professions
Digital Health Design & Communication

These innovative short courses will highlight the intersection between technology and healthcare focused on user experience design and patient engagement tools.  

Program Format



Bachelor's degree

What is Digital Health Design & Communication?


Participants will learn how to engage with technology companies or in-house teams to oversee building and design of tools to use within the healthcare setting.  Courses will enable graduates to evaluate a variety of industry tools, programming languages, and platforms to plan, model, test and synthesize digital health user experiences and products.  Students will also learn techniques to best engage all stakeholders to ensure a high level of successful participation in any new digital health initiatives.

  • Digital Design Essentials for Healthcare
  • Digital Health Technology and Tools
  • User Experience Design for Healthcare
  • Mobile Design

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods with an understanding of how they are applied to design direction and solving complex problems existing in digital health products & services.
  • Incorporate the elements and principles of design; visual organization, information architecture, wire framing, storyboarding, layout, and aesthetics to communicate in an interactive setting.
  • Evaluate a variety of industry-standard tools, programming languages, and platforms to plan, model, diagram and test and synthesize digital health user experiences in products and/or services.
  • Create innovative products and/or services utilizing emerging digital health hardware & software technologies.
  • Examine historical and emerging issues of cognitive psychology and the roles of behaviorism, development, personality, and social psychology in user experience design in a healthcare setting.
  • Express design leadership through mastery of organizational skills, proper design documentation, presentation capabilities and the ability to direct and collaborate with related healthcare and technology professions.

Faculty Members


Neil Harner, MBA
Assistant Professor and Director,
Animation & Interaction
Thomas Jefferson University


Robert Neff
Vice President,
Digital Solution Development
Jefferson Digital Innovation & Consumer Experience (DICE) Group



Viraj Patwardhan
Vice President,
Digital Design and Consumer Experience
Jefferson Digital Innovation & Consumer Experience (DICE) Group


Contact Us

Program Contact


Shruti Chandra, MD, MEHP
Program Director, Digital Health, Institute of Emerging Health Professions Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine



Admissions Contact


Marc Stearns
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Office of Admissions
(215) 503-0155


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