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Integrative Nutrition Advanced Practice Certificate

Marcus Institute of Integrative Health

The Integrative Nutrition Advanced Practice Certificate will provide the knowledge for healthcare professionals to develop a patient-centered care plan using biometric data and evidence based nutritional lifestyle medicine approaches to improve patient outcomes. 

program length

3 Semesters

program format



Bachelor's degree

application deadline

August 1, 2021

Program Start Date

September 1, 2021

The Institute of Emerging Health Professions and The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health are joining forces to introduce integrative health education for clinicians and healthcare professionals. The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, established in 2017, includes the historic first and only department of "Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences," housed within a medical college. At the Marcus Institute, leading clinicians in the field combine the best of modern medicine with functional, integrative health approaches designed to empower patients, add value to their treatment plans, and enhance health performance and vitality.



At Jefferson, Integrative Medicine is a new physician specialty, and "integrative health" includes the combined medical services and wellness therapies that are utilized in our practice to improve overall health status. The Integrative Nutrition Advanced Practice Certificate is unique in that it provides a foundation in nutritional science, as well as clinical and integrative applications of diets and specific nutrients. With an increasingly high-demand for nutrition education among physicians and many other health professionals, learners will be better equipped to address nutrition as a tool for improving overall health outcomes across a wide range of patients. 


Developed and instructed by industry experts, the program consists of three, online 3-credit courses for a total of 9 credits. This graduate certificate program was developed specifically for licensed, or soon to be, healthcare providers.

Course Name Credit Hours
*Foundations in Integrative Nutrition 3
Functional Genomic, Proteomics and Metabolomics


Advanced Concepts in Integrative Nutrition 3

*If you would like to take one course as non-matriculated student view more information here.

Program Details

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Start Date: September 1, 2021

Tuition and fees vary by program and term. For more information, please review our Tuition Information page and select 'Graduate and Institute of Emerging Health Professions tuition and fees' link. 



Daniel Monti, MD, MBA
CEO, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health

Dr. Monti is CEO of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, and Professor and Chair of the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Monti has published research in several areas of integrative medicine and brain health, including the role of natural molecules in improving health outcomes, cancer survivorship, neurophysiology, and mind-body medicine.  He has dozens of scholarly publications and has been a peer-reviewer for numerous medical journals and study sections at the National Institutes of Health and Department of Defense. 

Dr. Monti is the recipient of several federally-funded and private research grants.  Under his leadership, Integrative Medicine at Jefferson was elevated to Institute status, and most recently the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences, the country’s first department of its kind at a medical college.  Dr. Monti is co-editor of the textbook, Integrative Psychiatry and Brain Health, (Oxford University Press, 2008; 2018), and co-author of the popular press book, Tapestry of Health- weaving wellness through the new science of Integrative Medicine (Kales Press, 2020). 


George Zabrecky, D.C.
Academic Director, and Assistant Professor in the Department of Integrative Medicine and an Assistant Research Professor at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College.


Dr. Zabrecky has developed treatment protocols for complex medical disorders, designs clinical research studies to examine the efficacy of new approaches to integrative medicine. He is the Founder and Director of the Zabrecky Institute of Biomedicine.

Dr. Zabrecky received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the National College of Chiropractic, holds a certification in Acupuncture from the National University of Health Sciences, and obtained his MD from Grace University School of Medicine. He is a Member of the Oxford College of Immunologists, a Member of the American-Oxford Research Group, and is a Board Member, Foundation of Alternative and Integrative Medicine. 

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Director of Academic Programs
Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences
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