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Digital Health Entrepreneurship Certificate

This graduate certificate will offer techniques to evaluate the viability and feasibility of new initiatives within different healthcare settings. Clinicians and aspiring innovators in the healthcare sector will be able to use these skills in starting or investing in opportunities both within an existing company or non-profit, or as an entirely new venture. 

This certificate will teach practical tools for evaluating and implementing technology based healthcare startups. This includes: business models, funding, marketing and a quick A to Z on building a startup.

Program Length

1 year

Program Format



Bachelor's degree


  • Introduction to Digital Health
  • Business Models for Healthcare Innovation
  • Legal and Regulatory Issues for Digital Health
  • Marketing and Fundraising for Digital Health

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to consult leaders in their institution, CEOs, or decision makers and understand how current and future health technologies will impact both patient care and providing care. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify problems or opportunities and generate ideas to address those within the complex healthcare system.
  • Assess the validity, given the existing constraints within current healthcare systems, of the potential solutions.
  • Create and execute a commercially oriented research project, social entrepreneurship program, or business plan tied to a specific healthcare innovation using technology.
  • Acquire necessary resources and support to initiate a project, program, or venture.
  • Lead, manage, and work effectively across clinical, business and technology boundaries.
  • Communicate effectively, particularly innovative ideas, verbally and in writing for diverse audiences both within and outside of healthcare systems.
  • Evaluate the potential success in creating a project, program, or venture to improve the delivery of healthcare.
  • Understand how economics play a part in implementation of programs.
  • Implement a program and understand the various parties and players in decision making capacity.


Course Name Credits
Intro to Digital Health 3
Business Models for Healthcare Innovation 3
The Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship 3
Marketing and Fundraising for Digital Health

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Faculty Members

Jason T. Crook, MBA

Jason T. Crook, MBA
Teaching Assistant Professor & DEC Coordinator- Business Models
Jefferson Kanbar College of Design, Engineering & Commerce


Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, FASTRO

Adam P. Dicker, MD, PhD, FASTRO 
Enterprise Senior Vice President
Director, Center for Digital Health and Data Science
Professor & Chair, Radiation Oncology
Department of Radiation Oncology                                                                                       Sidney Kimmel Medical College & Cancer Center                                                                                                            

Carolyn Hochstadter, JD

Carolyn Hochstadter, JD
Managing Partner, E.
Carolyn Hochstadter Dicker, LLC
Arbitrator, Philadelphia
Court of Common Pleas

Aron Starosta, PhD

Aron Starosta, PhD                                                                                                                         Managing Partner,                                                                                                                                ExoTx Consulting         



Program Cost

Tuition: $1,150 per credit

IT Fee: $540

Library Fee: $388

Contact Us

Program Contact
Zoe Sezler McKinley, MURP

Shruti Chandra, MD
Program Director, Digital Health
Institute of Emerging Health Professions



Admissions Contact
Marc Stearns

Marc Stearns
Senior Associate Director of Admissions
Office of Admissions
(215) 503-0155


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