Thomas Jefferson University

Roles & Responsibilities

The Accident Investigation and Occupation Safety program serves the University and Hospital community by providing support, information, and training for Accident Prevention, Respiratory Protection, and Ergonomics. 

Roles & Responsibilities

Accident Investigation & Prevention

  • Investigate work related injuries and illnesses
  • Analyze accident patterns and develop prevention programs
  • Investigate safety related incidents
  • Provide job specific safety training to employees to prevent accidents
  • Train employees on proper procedures for reporting accidents

Cherry Moragne

(215) 503-4711

Katherine Terzis
(215) 503-2503

Respiratory Protection

  • Provide respirators
  • Provide training to assure proper fit, maintenance and use of respirators
  • Institute engineering controls to eliminate the need for respirators

Ergonomics Program

  • Provide consultation and training on video display terminals
  • Provide consultation on workstation design, noise and lighting problems, and the safe
    use of equipment
  • ErgoSmart program information