Thomas Jefferson University

Laboratory Universal Waste Program

Jefferson’s University Research Laboratories generate wastes classified as Universal Waste and cannot be dispensed with general trash.  Instead it needs to be handled properly to protect the environment.  Below are instructions on how to properly store and dispose Universal Waste.


Rechargeable batteries made out of Lead Acid, NiCad, NIMH and Lithium are to be collected and labeled with a universal waste label. 

Contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at (215) 503-6260 to arrange a pick- up of rechargeable batteries.

Non-rechargeable alkaline batteries can be discarded in the general trash.

Mercury Containing Thermostats

Mercury containing thermostats are universal wastes and must be picked up by the EH&S department.  Thermostats should be placed in a zip-lock bag and labeled with a universal waste label.

Florescent Bulbs & other Electric Lamps

Florescent bulbs, neon, mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, and metal halide lamps are regulated as universal waste.  Please contact Facilities Services at (215) 955-6846 to request a pick up for florescent bulbs and electric lamps.

Consumer Electronics

Under the universal waste regulations, computers, televisions, stereos or other items containing a circuit board are considered consumer electronics.  To remove these items from the laboratories please contact Facilities Services at (215) 955-6846.