Thomas Jefferson University

Fire Drill Procedures

Jefferson Hospital Buildings

Fire drills are conducted quarterly during the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd work shifts in all Jefferson owned hospital buildings.

The following procedures have been established and will be implemented by the Jefferson Fire Marshal.

  1. The Unit staff at the selected drill location will be given a scenario of a fire in their unit and will be asked to initiate the Code Red procedures.
  2. The telephone operator, when notified by Security of a Code Red in progress, will announce over the public address (P.A.) system "Code Red" and its location three (3) times.
  3. The Security Command Center and the Facilities Services Control Room who will in turn notify members of the Emergency Response Team via radios. Additional Security personnel will be dispatched to the area.
  4. Emergency Response Team members responding to the Code Red location will sign an attendance sheet and wait at the location until the Code Red has been declared "All Clear".
  5. The operator will be notified when an "All Clear" has been established and will announce "Code Red, (the location), All Clear" three (3) times over the P.A. system.
  6. The Jefferson Fire Marshal will critique the procedures with the Unit staff and emergency responders following the completion of the drill and will document observations.

Note: Please treat all fire alarm activations as real emergencies, unless notified prior to activation. 

Jefferson University Buildings

A fire drill for each building will be conducted twice per year. Fire Drills in Martin, Barringer, and Orolowitz Building will be conducted quarterly.

  1. Occupants of the 925 Chestnut, Jefferson Alumni Hall (JAH), Scott Library, Edison, Medical Office Building (MOB), and Hamilton Buildings will follow the instructions the fire alarm tells them: 
    • On the floor of alarm activation an on one floor above and one floor below the alarm activation, the following  message will be annunciated:
      Evacuation Message (Male Voice):
      Attention Please! Attention Please! A Code Red has been reported in this building. Please proceed to the nearest safe exit and evacuate the building. Do not use the elevators. I repeat, do not use the elevators.
    • On all other floors of the building, the following message with be annunciated:
      Alert Message (Female Voice):
      May I have your attention please?  May I have your attention please? A Code Red has been reported in this building. While this report is being verified, please stand by and await further instructions. Please do not use the elevators.
  2. Occupants of the Blumle Life Sciences Building (BLSB), College/Curtis, and 901 Walnut    Street should enter the nearest or primary fire tower and wait for further instructions.
  3. Occupants of the Clinical Office Building (COB),  Martin, Barringer, and Orlowitz Building should evacuate to the nearest stair tower and out of the building.
  4. In buildings with a P.A. System, there will 5 announcements of “Code Red All Clear” once the code red has been deemed safe.