Thomas Jefferson University

Hot Work

The Department of Environmental Health & Safety has the responsibility for issuing hot work permits, assisting departments in developing appropriate hot work safety plans, providing technical guidance and assisting with employee training where applicable.

Special Precautions to follow:

  1. Prior authorization from:
    1. Thomas Jefferson University Fire Marshal.
    2. Notify Control Room (TJUH/TJU) at 215-955-1418 of start and end of hot work.
  2. Ensure that the area has been made safe by the removal of all combustibles from the ignition sources.
  3. Determine that fire protection and extinguishing equipment are properly located and readily available.
  4. Provision of a fire watch.
  5. Protection of walls and floors (e.g. fire blanket).

Hot Work Permit

Before hot work operations begin, a completed hot work permit prepared by the Jefferson Fire Marshal is required.  Based on local conditions, the Fire Marshal must determine the length of the period for which the hot work permit is valid. 

  • Permits are valid for 5 weekdays only
  • Weekend hot work permits must be issued separately

Work Closeout

  • A fire watch shall be maintained for at least 1 hour after completion of hot work operations in order to detect and extinguish smoldering fires.
  • The Fire Marshal shall inspect the job site on the same day before or following completion of hot work.  A close out date will be provided on the permit.