Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Sidney & Ethal Lubert Plaza

When constructing the new Dorrance H. Hamilton Building, a green space was created to serve as the academic center of Jefferson’s campus. The plaza will give students, faculty, staff, and community members a place to gather. Remarkably, it is the largest concrete-to-green space conversion in Philadelphia’s recent history.

University Trustee Ira M. Lubert has named The Sidney and Ethal Lubert Plaza in honor of his parents. His mother is 'proud, happy, and excited” about the honor, but Lubert thinks his late father would be 'overwhelmed; he was a pretty shy guy.' Lubert made this important gift 'because of the care my mother has been receiving at Jefferson, the quality of caring, and the professionalism of the whole staff. We are satisfied with and appreciative of every aspect of care.


'Jefferson is unique,' Lubert continues, 'because of the combination of the people. From the bottom up and top down, all share a caring and positive attitude. [President] Barchi’s leadership has brought excitement to Jefferson that you can see in the growth of the campus. I’ve had the privilege of working with very dedicated board members, and they care about making Jefferson a better place for Philadelphia and the region.

'I think Jefferson will continue to grow and be a healthcare leader in the region. Researchers will make new discoveries; the medical College will continue to prosper and send ambassadors out in the field. The future is very bright.'