Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson College of Health Professions
Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology

Bachelor's & Master's Programs

We offer three majors for our Bachelor's and Master's Programs in Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology.

BioTech - BioTech MolSci

Professionals in this field work in discovery teams to find novel ways to diagnose and treat cancer, help to pioneer gene and stem-cell therapies to treat disease and create new approaches to combat world hunger through genetically modified plants. 

BioTech - Cytotech Cell

Professionals in this field select and perform molecular and immunologic tests to help personalize patient care, diagnose mysterious respiratory illnesses, assist clinicians in collecting and evaluating specimens from body sites and identify precancerous cells at their earliest and most curable stage.

BioTech - MedLab Sci

Professionals in this field conduct health screening tests for diabetic and cardiac risk, examine patient specimens for the presence of infectious microorganisms, type and cross-match blood for transfusion and detect specific blood cells to reveal leukemia and measure a patient’s response to medications and therapies.

BioTech - Microbiology

In our stimulating and supportive environment, you will build a strong foundation in sciences and humanities, preparing you for success in upper-division courses for the BS in Medical Laboratory Sciences at the Jefferson Center City campus. Students in the Health Sciences dual degree programs take courses with other pre-medical and health students, while experiencing college life on the East Falls campus.