Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson College of Health Professions
Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology


Deadlines, requirements and options for application vary based on the type of program track that interests you. Choose your program, then select one of the following program options.

Options for High School Students

As a student in this program you will complete pre-professional coursework with other pre-medical and health students on Jefferson's East Falls Campus. In late fall of the second year, you will interview and begin the process of working with faculty to select your concentration of interest.

Options for College Students

A two-year BS program.

An accelerated BS program.

A two-year BS and MS program that occurs after a student has taken three years of specific prerequisite coursework.

A 12-month MS program.

A 2-year MS program.

An MS program for students with a bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, cytotechnology, or medical laboratory science. Each program is tailored to each student’s unique interests and professional goals. A 1-year, full-time option is available, as well as a 2-year, part-time option.