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3+2 Entry-Level Master's Partnership Program

High School seniors who are committed to earning a Bachelor of Science (BS) and Master of Science (MS) in Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology can apply to one of our partner institutions—Immaculata University or Penn State Abington—and spend three years there working toward a bachelor’s degree. As long as all required coursework is completed, students will then transition to Thomas Jefferson University, where they will complete the Master of Science degree in 2 years.

Note: We communicate with applicants via email, so please provide a valid email address and adjust your email settings to allow mail from


Prerequisites must be completed by the time the student enters Thomas Jefferson University. You do not need to have your prerequisites completed before you apply. You may also earn credits through standardized tests, including CLEP.

Questions about Prerequisites can be directed to:
1-877-JEFF-247 or 215-503-8890

Degree & GPA

No degree is required. When the student enters Thomas Jefferson University he/she must have completed three years at an accredited college. A 3.0 GPA is strongly recommended.


82 credits from specific science, math, english and elective courses. Courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or above to be eligible for transfer. A grade of “C-” or below will not be eligible for transfer.

Course acceptance subject to Academic Counselor approval.

Biology I w/ lab


Biology II w/ lab


Chemistry I w/ lab


Chemistry II w/ lab


Anatomy & Physiology I w/ lab*


Anatomy & Physiology II w/ lab*


Organic Chemistry w/ lab










* 8 credits of A&P I and II or 4 credits of Human Anatomy and 4 credits of Human Physiology. Labs must be included. 

** Must be writing intensive courses

*** Courses cannot be remedial or review in nature and cannot include Physical Education or Technical courses. May include Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Sciences and Foreign Languages.

Strongly Recommend Science Courses w/ Lab for MLS track applicants*: Analytic Chemistry/Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

*Failure to take the “Strongly Recommended Science Courses” would result in the inability to obtain a CLS/MLS License in several states.

Strongly Recommend Science Courses w/ Lab for Cytotechnology track applicants: Biochemistry

Online sciences courses will not fulfill the science prerequisites. If you have questions about online classes, please contact Admissions at

Performance Requirements/Technical Standards

Technical standards are the fundamental abilities a student needs to complete every activity his/her degree requires. These standards are determined by the competency, proficiency and/or skill standards set forth by accrediting and professional organizations appropriate to each program.

Technical Standards of the Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences & Biotechnology are:

  • Ability to observe and participate in classroom exchanges, demonstrations, experiments and other learning venues in the applicable laboratory discipline or in interdisciplinary didactic and clinical settings.
  • Ability to analyze, synthesize, solve problems and reach interpretive judgments.
  • Sufficient use of the senses of vision, hearing, somatic sensation and motor movement necessary to learn and perform applicable laboratory procedures and associated data management in the classroom, clinical or research setting.
  • Ability to communicate electronically, in writing and verbally with faculty, other students and professional colleagues with accuracy, clarity, efficiency and timeliness.
  • Sufficient cognitive and physical ability to comply with physical, chemical and biohazard precautions.

The technical standards of the Department do allow for the use of an assistive device (or devices), program time extensions or other forms of support necessary to accomplish the requirements of the program. Such accommodation must be requested in a timely manner, and must be documented, reasonable, appropriate and available to the Department and/or the student.

Admissions Contacts

General Questions

Phone: 1-877-JEFF-247 (1-877-533-3247)

Program-Specific Questions

Donald Sharples, MEd
Senior Associate Director, Admissions
130 South Ninth Street
Edison Building, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-503-1044
Fax: 215-503-7241