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Financial Information

Estimate Graduate Program Costs

Graduate program tuition and fee information can be found by visiting the Student Accounts site

In addition, the typical graduate student in the Professional Phase of the Physician Assistant Program will spend approximately $7,000 on medical equipment, books, malpractice liability insurance, and other program-related fees during the each year of the Professional Phase. This does not include housing, food, living expenses (locally and at distant rotation sites), travel costs (including travel to local and distant rotation sites), health center fees, graduation fees, and Pre-Professional Phase book costs.  Please see below for more detailed breakdowns of anticipated costs.

The refund policy for graduate programs at Thomas Jefferson University, East Falls Campus and New Jersey Campus can be found on the Financial Aid site.

Financial Aid

Information regarding financial aid for physician assistant students is available from various organizations, including:  

Graduate assistantships and paid tutoring positions may be available for qualified students.  However, please note that PA students cannot work in administrative positions within the PA Program.

Other Detailed Estimated Expenses

Item Estimated Cost
Annual tuition for 2019-2020 $46,250
Medical equipment $700-1200
Books $1000-1500
Malpractice liability insurance $185 per year
American Academy of Physician Assistants Membership $75 for 2 years
Pennsylvania Society of Physician Assistants Membership New Jersey Society of Physician Assistants Membership $50 for 2 years
$40 for 2 years
Mandatory Medical Insurance
Blood Borne Pathogen Coverage rider is mandatory:
Please: A personal policy may have better coverage
$1488 Mandatory Medical Insurance
$85 blood borne pathogen policy
Parking at the University $70 per year
Vaccinations and Lab Titers $500-100
Criminal Background Check, Child Abuse Registry
and Drug Testing
$150 per year
Tuition Insurance PA Students $67.50 per trimester
E-Value Student Logging Program (2nd year) $100 per year (2nd year only)

Items to Include in a 12 Month Budget

Apartment Rental based on solo or shared living $400-1500 per month
Utilities, Telephone, Electricity, Water $75-400 per month
Clinical Year Distant Site Living Expenses $4000 (2nd year only)
Automotive Expenses (Fuel, Insurance, Maintenance) Variable
Computer with internet access Variable