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Our department partners with CASPA, the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants, to collect and manage applications to the MS Physician Assistant Studies  - New Jersey Campus program.

Note: We communicate with applicants via email, so please provide a valid email address and adjust your email settings to allow mail from

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University) Integration

On September 9, 2016, leadership from Thomas Jefferson University and Philadelphia University signed an agreement approved by both Boards of Trustees to combine the two institutions.  On July 1, 2017, the integration was made official with the announcement of the combined institution, Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University).

Applicants who are interested in the learning more about the integrated University can do so by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Application Deadlines

Application Open Date: April 26th (for Fall 2019)
Application Deadline: November 1

To be considered complete and eligible for review, a CASPA application must be verified with required letters of recommendation, transcripts, and personal statement and all applicable documents (test scores, etc.) must be submitted in the directed manner and received by our Admissions office by the Program deadline date.  

Please note that the CASPA verification process can take 4-6 weeks. It is important to keep this information in mind when determining if you will meet the deadline.

Decisions are granted on a rolling basis throughout the cycle until the class is filled. We may contact academically eligible applicants via e-mail to schedule an interview (provided space is still available). Decisions include: Offer of Admission, Denied Admission, Hold for Grades and Waitlist.


The following is a list of requirements and approved prerequisite course equivalents. Prerequisite courses may be taken at a regionally or nationally accredited university, college or community college (including approved online courses) anywhere in the United States.  Sciences courses should be for science or health majors.


A bachelor degree must be completed prior to matriculation in the PA Program.


Applicants must have a CASPA calculated cumulative GPA of 3.25 and science GPA of 3.25.

Courses & Credits

38 semester credits from specific course areas. All prerequisite courses must be completed at a regionally accredited institution in the United States. All prerequisite courses must be completed within 10 years of application to Jefferson or have a definitive plan for completion of prerequisite courses prior to beginning the program.  If courses are older than 10 years, a waiver may be requested. Courses must be completed with a grade of a “C” or above to meet the prerequisite requirement. A grade of “C -" or below will not meet the prerequisite requirement. Credits are calculated on a semester scale; if courses are taken on a quarter scale, the credit hours will be converted to the semester credit scale.  

Advanced Placement examination credit can be utilized to fulfill undergraduate prerequisite coursework only if the credit is documented on the college transcript of the granting institution.  As of 2016, CLEP credit is not acceptable.  Online courses may be used to fulfill prerequisite coursework, however, minimum credits, need for lab, and course grade requirements are the same for in-class or online courses. 

Course Subject Credits

Biology with Lab

Pre-approved course options: General Biology 1, General Biology 2, Cell & Molecular Biology Organismal Biology, Human Biology, Zoology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Immunology, Embryology, Histology, Pathophysiology, Pathology, AP credit


Chemistry with Lab

Pre-approved course options: General Chemistry 1, General Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry


Anatomy with Lab

Pre-approved course options: Anatomy & Physiology 1, Anatomy & Physiology 2, Human or Functional Anatomy, Mammalian/Vertebrate Anatomy, Human Physiology

Note: a combination of Anatomy & Physiology as two separate courses will be counted as long as there is an Anatomy component and Physiology component. Also, all Anatomy and Physiology courses must have a human focus.


Physiology with Lab

Refer Anatomy note above.

Microbiology with Lab 4


Pre-approved course options: Algebra, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, Intro to Calculus, Calculus I, Biostatistics, AP Calculus



Pre-approved course options: Intro to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Developmental Psychology, AP Psychology


College Writing

Pre-approved course options: English Composition, English 1, Writing, Writing Seminar, Composition and Rhetoric


Medical Terminology

Note: can be taken as an independent-study at Jefferson University after being accepted into the Program.


Application Requirements

See below for instructions on how and where to submit your application materials.

CASPA Application

Complete an online application for admission through CASPA. Pay attention to the instructions for application and requirements.

Preferential Admissions

Graduates from Jefferson and Stockton University are granted preferential admissions.

Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended to CASPA.

Applicants completing their coursework at a foreign institution must submit their transcripts through an approved transcript evaluation service for evaluation directly to CASPA. Note: all prerequisite courses must be completed at a US institution.

If your coursework was completed outside of the United States, you must submit a course-by-course evaluation from one of the following foreign evaluation agencies:

CV/Resume & Required Experiences

To be considered an applicant must have at least 200 (or more) hours of direct-patient care.

Submit documentation of volunteer or work experience to CASPA and fill out the "Health Related Training" and “Work and Volunteer Experience” sections on the CASPA application.

Direct patient care experience and shadowing experience are required and should be listed under the "Patient Care Experience" and "Shadowing Experience" sections on the CASPA application.

Please be sure to list any community service, research, and leadership experiences within the corresponding tabs in your CASPA application. 

Examples of positions to gain Direct Patient Care/Patient Contact are as follows:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)
  • Paramedic
  • Nurse’s aide
  • Home Care Health Aide
  • Patient Care Assistant
  • Medical Assistant

Personal Statement/Essay

Complete the essay found on the CASPA application.

Recommendation Letters

Submit three recommendation letters to CASPA.  These letters of reference should be obtained from healthcare supervisors, professors, or other professional references. Please do not send letters of recommendation directly to Jefferson.

Test Scores

GRE and MCAT scores are not required for admission to the Physician Assistant Studies program at Jefferson's East Falls and New Jersey Campuses.

International Students

Please see our additional information for applying as an International Student.

English Language Proficiency

TOEFL Requirements

Send official TOEFL scores (if applicable) to:

Jefferson (Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University)
130 South 9th Street, Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA 19107
TOEFL code = 2903

Drug, Criminal Background & Child Abuse Clearances

All students who are offered admission are required to have a criminal background check and child abuse clearance. In addition, PA students who are offered admission are required to be fingerprinted and undergo a drug test. Some clinical sites may require health professions and pharmacy students to be fingerprinted and/or undergo a drug test. The Office of Admissions will provide you with the appropriate information to complete these requirements, as needed.

Clinical rotation and fieldwork sites that require a criminal background check, child abuse clearance and/or fingerprinting may deny a student’s participation in the clinical experience, rotation or fieldwork because of a felony or misdemeanor conviction or a record of child abuse. Clinical sites may also deny participation in clinical experiences for other reasons, such as failure of a required drug test, or inability to produce an appropriate health clearance. As participation in clinical experiences, rotations or fieldwork is a required part of the curriculum and a requirement for graduation, denial of participation by a clinical site may result in delay of graduation or the inability to graduate from the Program.

Regardless of whether or not a student graduates from Thomas Jefferson University, individuals who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may be denied certification or licensure as a health professional. Information regarding individual eligibility may be obtained from the appropriate credentialing bodies.

Advanced Standing

The Physician Assistant Program does not give advanced standing.  All Professional Phase courses must be satisfactorily completed as described in the Progression Criteria. 

Matriculation Requirements

  • Applicants must successfully complete an interview and be offered a seat in the program.
  • Student must be able to meet matriculation requirements, including technical standards, background clearances, and immunization requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Contacts (New Jersey Campus)

General Questions

Office of Graduate Admissions
East Falls Campus
4201 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144-5497

Phone: Call: 215.951.2943