Thomas Jefferson University

Undergraduate Programs

Curriculum Information

Year 1

Pathways Seminar
Writing Seminar I: Written Communication
Debating US Issues
Writing Seminar II: Multimedia Communication
Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
Biology I Lecture & Lab
Quantitative Reasoning I
Service Learning
Introduction to Psychology
Introduction to Health Professions
Chemistry II Lecture &I Lab
Biology II & Lab

Year 2

American Diversity
Global Diversity
Global Citizenship
Abnormal Psychology
Bioorganic Chemistry
Microbiology Lecture & Lab
Anatomy & Physiology I Lecture & Lab
Anatomy & Physiology II Lecture & Lab
Developmental Psychology
Introduction to Healthcare

Year 3

Debating Global Issues
Integrative Seminar
Capstone Folio Workshop
Health Sciences Elective (3 credits)
Biology Elective (4 credits)
Statistics for Behavioral Sciences
Clinical Interactions
Principles of Genetics Lecture & Lab
Medical Terminology and Documentation
Free Electives (6 credits)

Year 4

Advanced Anatomy A
Advanced Anatomy B
Genetics, Immunology & Microbiology
Medical Physiology & Pathology
Medical History Taking & Physical Diagnosis
Applied Behavioral Science
Medical & Professional Ethics
Evidence Based Medicine
Clinical Medicine
Clinical Reasoning
Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics
Emergency Medicine
Clinical Correlations of Public Health
Clinical Disciplines Overview
Pharmacotherapeutics Seminar
Advanced Physical Assessment
Advanced Diagnostics Seminar

Year 5

Rotation (Fall - 18 credits)
Rotation (Spring - 18 credits)
Rotation (Summer - 18 credits)
PA Master’s Comprehensive Experience (over entire clinical year - 2 credits)