Thomas Jefferson University
Jefferson College of Health Professions
Department of Medical Imaging & Radiation Sciences


Jefferson is one of the few academic health centers that awards a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences, offering graduates many career options in the field of radiologic sciences, including opportunities for advancement.

BS graduates have boasted a 95-100% career placement rate since 1995, and they have an 85% average pass rate on certification exams for all imaging concentrations and less than a 10% attrition rate.

Our students choose from various concentration options during their time in our BS Programs, studying one per year. Concentrations prepare our students for success in a specific area of technological practice in their future career.

Clinical Rotations

We have over 100 clinical sites in a variety of environments in the tri-state area, such as major teaching hospitals, imaging centers, physician’s offices and women’s imaging centers. All BS students participate in clinical education for each of their chosen concentrations. The clinical education schedule varies per term:

  • Fall & Spring: Two or three 8-hour days a week
  • Summer: Four or five 8-hour days a week

Specific details covering clinical placement are available in the Academic Policies and Clinical Education Handbooks. Students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical facilities.