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Living @ Jefferson

Jefferson's only true Inter-professional Community

Living on-campus is choosing to be a part of the great opportunity inter-professional community at Thomas Jefferson University. We are proud of the residential community that the Office Residential Life (ORL) is able to offer. We are the only true inter-professional community including students from of all ages, colleges, and programs.

Highlights of living on-campus

Jefferson Lounge

Public Safety

TJU makes your personal safety a high priority. That is why the Public Safety Department are well-trained, well-staffed and supported by state-of-the-art technology. While living on campus, you can be assured that Public Safety, and the Residential Life staff are working to keep you safe. 

Health & Wellness

When you live on-campus, you are surrounded by several options to better your health and well-being. The Jefferson Recreation and Fitness Center is located in Jefferson Alumni Hall, very close to all three residence halls. This facility can be used by all students and offers several fitness classes, a swimming pool, basketball court, racquetball courts, and much more!

Another great aspect of wellness at TJU is the Student Personal Counseling Center. This center is available for all students and offers a variety of services and support. If you need someone to talk to or have any  mental health concerns, stop by the SPCC.

In case of any health concerns, there are two options. All students have access to Occupational Health Network (located on campus at 833 Chestnut) or a Jefferson Urgent Care facility located near the residence halls at Washington Square (a few blocks away) to assist with any minor health issues. For more serious health issues, the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is located conveniently right across the street.

Comfort & Convenience

Living on campus will provide better opportunities to meet fellow students with common interests and goals. You will enjoy all of the modern amenities necessary to make your new home a comfortable place to live and one that will help promote your academic endeavors. 

Part of a Vibrant Community

Students come to TJU from across the country and around the world. Your time at TJU will  be one of discovery of people and places. The Residence Life staff will help to assist each resident in discovering one another, campus, and the Philadelphia region.  




Jefferson Security
Wellness Center

Parking & Transportation

While living on-campus, there are several transportation options to navigate the city and region. All resident students are invited to bring their car to campus, however there are not any designated parking areas for on-campus residents. If you plan on having your car while living at TJU, contact the Commuter Services Office to learn more about parking around Jefferson and discounts for SEPTA and PATCO.

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Food & Shopping

There are no "traditional" meal plan options for students living at TJU. Student living on-campus typically cook on their own or eat at one of the surrounding restaurants in the area. Students can use their TJU ID at local restaurants, businesses and the hospital atrium to buy food through the Campus Currency program. Also make sure to check out the Center City Guide for a guide to shopping, restaurants, attractions and night life!