Thomas Jefferson University

Applying to be a Resident Assistant

Please note: Only Thomas Jefferson University students are eligible to apply for the Resident Assistant position. You may apply if you currently live on campus or are applying to live on campus for the next academic year. You must be admitted to a program to be eligible to apply as a new student. 

The 21-22 RA Staff has been selected but if you are interested in joining the 22-23 team please contact 

What is a Resident Assistant?

Jefferson Resident Assistants

A Resident Assistant (RA) is a student staff  member who oversees a floor or multiple floors in one of the residence halls. The primary responsibility of a Resident Assistant is to build community within the residence halls and enhance the experience of the students living on campus. Resident Assistants are the primary contact in the residence halls to address any student concerns or issues.

Ultimately, a Resident Assistant wants to make sure the resident students living in the halls are supported and successful during their time at TJU.

Resident Assistant Responsibilities

Resident Assistants are responsible for covering a wide variety of tasks within five major areas. These areas include:

  • Community Development & Programming
  • Leadership & Student Development 
  • Information Resource
  • Administrative Responsibilities 

Along with these responsibilities, ResidentAssistants are required to participate in a rotating On Call & Crisis Response schedule over the course of a semester.

Community Development & Programming

To build and maintain a community within the residence halls, Resident Assistants need to:

  • Oversee and build a rapport with their residents
  • Get residents involved in community through meetings and programming events
  • Facilitate interprofessional interactions and build community spirit
  • Plan programs for their floor(s) which gets students out and interacting with each other 
  • Build new relationships between residents through programming events or service projects

Leadership & Student Development

Resident Assistants serve as the peer leaders in the residence halls and are often considered mentors or peer counselors for their residents by:

  • Being a good role model for residents and the campus community 
  • Responding to student issues or concerns
  • Enforcing University Policies and Procedures
  • Engaging with residents to facilitate opportunities for connection to other students and University resources

Information Resource

 Resident Assistants should be knowledgeable about the University and the surrounding area. RA’s should know information such as:

  • University Policies and Procedures
  • Campus Office locations / Resources
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Academic Support Resources
  • Philadelphia / Local Resources

Administrative Responsibilities

Resident Assistants are expected to complete tasks such as:

  • Filling out incident reports when dealing with situations in the residence halls
  • Programming proposals and evaluations
  • Bulletin boards and door tags
  • Regular floor meetings with residents
  • Attend bi-weekly staff meetings

On Call & Crisis Response

Resident Assistants are responsible for responding to incidents and emergencies in the residence halls. When on-call, RA’s are responsible for the following:

  • Responding to any emergencies or incidents in the residence halls
  • Mediating and resolving student conflicts
  • Writing and submitting incident reports for any incidents the RA was called to while on-duty.
  • Conducting rounds of the residence halls and submitting rounds reports to document any concerns or issues that need to be addressed in the residence halls (facilities concerns, housekeeping issues, etc.)

Perks of becoming a Resident Assistant

  • Resident Assistants in the Martin Residence Hall live in their own private room which is fully paid for during their time of employment.
  • Resident Assistants in either the Barringer or Orlowitz apartments live in an apartment of their choosing and receive a monthly housing stipend (stipend is equivalent to the cost of a private room in the Martin Residence) during their time of employment.
  • Meeting new people and forming interprofessional connections! As a RA you will be helping and guiding your peers while meeting a variety of students from different programs than your own.
  • Great resume builder! Illustrates time management skills, responsibility and dedication for future employers!
  • Becoming part of a great team!

Selection & Employment

Process Overview: The Resident Assistant Selection process begins in October 1, 2020. You may log into the Housing Portal to read additional information regarding the 21-22 RA Selection Process.

Applicants will be able to apply with their campus key through the Housing Portal. Applications are available for interested candidates to complete along with two professional references. Candidates are also required to submit a letter of intent and resume, outlining their previous leadership experiences. Once a candidate submits their application and other materials, it will be reviewed to make sure it is complete.

The first round of interviews will be group interviews with the current RA staff and Assistant Director of Housing. Candidates are then selected for a second round of formal interviews with members of the professional ORL staff.

Staff announcements are made mid-March. RA’s can opt to start over the summer months or start in August for the fall term.

The RA Staff is currently selected and filled for the 2021-2022 academic year.