Thomas Jefferson University

Sublet Service

ATTENTION: All sublet service forms have been moved to the Housing Portal. All current residents looking to post their unit as a sublet option or have found a sublessee, please visit the Housing Portal to complete the appropriate documentation. 

What is Subletting or Subleasing?

Subletting, or subleasing, is when a person who has their name on a lease with a landlord (Jefferson/PMC) rents (or sublets) their room or apartment to another person. The original tenant remains on the lease and continues to be responsible for all lease provisions and for the actions of her/his subletter till the end of the agreement. The sublet agreement is separate from the lease between the primary tenants and landlord.

Who can Sublet or Sublease?

Sublessor: Residents who are currently living on-campus in Barringer, Orlowitz or Martin may sublet their room/apartment for a portion or the duration of their housing agreement. This is a viable option for students that will leave campus for a short period of time (ex: clinical rotation).

Sublessee: Any Thomas Jefferson University affiliate is eligible to sublease from a current resident for a minimum of one month. This includes full and part-time students, employees, fellows, resident physicians, guest observers, and lecturers.

How to Sublet your Space

Find Someone

  • Any Thomas Jefferson University affiliate is eligible to sublet for a minimum of one month. This includes full and part-time students, employees, fellows, resident physicians, guest observers, and lecturers.


  • The current resident should complete the Sublet Posting Form online.
  • Once the form has been submitted, your information will be added to the "Current Resident Sublet Openings" listing at the top of this page for other people to view who might be looking for short-term housing options on-campus. 

Get Approved

  • Once a verbal agreement is reached with an eligible Thomas Jefferson University affiliate, the current resident should complete and submit the Sublet Form.
  • After completing the Sublet Form, the sublessor should direct the sublessee to complete the Sublet Agreement Application on the Housing Portal.
  • Subletters who are not current residents will have to register as a Thomas Jefferson University Affiliate to log onto the Housing Portal. 
  • Once the Sublessee has completed the Sublet Agreement Application on the Housing Portal, a member of the ORL Staff will reach out to the Sublessor to confirm the details of their affiliation with Thomas Jefferson University and move-in information.
  • All of the above procedures must be completed before the sublet is officially approved.
  • Please note that sublessee will not be added to any ORL building emails. 

Logging onto the Housing Portal

  • Current non-residential students can log onto the Housing Portal using their campus key and password.

Sublessor (Resident) Responsibilities

Your Responsibility Before Departure:

  • Keys: Provide all keys to the Sublessee to access your apartment or room. No extra keys will be given out. Keys must be exchanged between Sublessor and Sublessee. ORL will not hold keys on behalf of the sublessor. If the sublessor is scheduled to check out, the sublessee may not hand in the keys on their behal unless approved in advance by ORL. 
  • Contact Information: As the sublessor, you should leave your mailing address and phone number with the front desk of your building in case the sublessee or ORL need to contact you.

Sublessee's Responsibilities

Prior to moving in, the Sublessee should:

  • View a copy of the appropriate Apartment/Residence Hall Handbook to be aware of all residence hall policies and procedures. The handbooks are available on the housing webpage under Policies & Policies.
  • Be familiar with the monthly payment process. Housing fees are due by the 10th of each month as usual. Any late fines, returned checks, and/or lost card or key charges are the sublessor's responsibility.
  • For Barringer and Orlowitz Apartment Living: PMC Property Group will accept checks or money order from the Sublessee on the resident's behalf. The Sublessee should write the building, apartment number, and telephone number on the check.
  • Martin Residence Hall: Since Housing fees are posted on the Resident's Banner web account, the Sublessee will need to pay the Resident directly.

The Sublessee's are entitled to receive mail. Sublessee's can use their designated buildings facilities with proper identification.