Thomas Jefferson University

Commercial IRBs

The Office of Human Research now has service agreements with several independent, commercial IRBs:  Advarra IRB and WIRB-Copernicus Group. 

These agreements allow Jefferson investigators to apply directly to the commercial IRB to join an existing study that has already received IRB approval. Currently, this option is open for select industry-sponsored phase 1, 2, 3, and 4 clinical trials.

OHR will make the final decision on a study-by-study basis as to whether it will permit an investigator to apply to the commercial IRB.

The Jefferson contact for use of commercial IRBs is Kyle Conner: or 215-503-8966.

When Submitting to:

Advarra IRB

Advarra is the new name for the company created through the merger of Schulman, Chesapeake, and Quorum IRBs.  For assistance with legacy studies previously approved by these IRBs, please use the Advarra Contact information.


WCG contact:
Christopher Gennai, CIP 
Account Manager, Institutions
360-252-2498 Fax