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IRB Submission Guidance

The Jefferson IRB uses a dual electronic submission process. The two parts of the process are JeffTrial and the Portal.

JeffTrial is Jefferson's electronic clinical trial management system (CTMS). This system has the functionality to manage all aspects of a clinical trial, from registering and randomizing research subjects to calendaring and billing. 

The Portal is where electronic documents comprising IRB transactions are uploaded. The Portal is also where IRB members go to access these documents to review for IRB meetings. The Portal is projected live during every IRB meeting and documents are viewed as necessary.

The IRB Database acts as the IRB's study data repository for all human research conducted at Jefferson.

All systems can be accessed in the navigation bar on the right side of this page.

The IRB Submission Flow Diagram can be found on the OHR IRB Forms & Submission Materials page, under Guidance Documents for IRB Submission.

The Overview of IRB Submissions for New Studies shows the categories of IRB review, the types of research that fall into each category with examples, and the forms required for each type of research.

Training & Guidance Documents

Technical Issues

JeffTrial and the Portal are secure systems, and therefore you must have a Jefferson campus key in order to access them. They also are behind the Jefferson firewall. This means that you can access only from a Jefferson computer that is inside the firewall, or from an external computer via the remote access portal (RAP). The RAP allows you to access secure Jefferson websites that are inside the firewall.

Access the RAP log-in screen by here.