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JeffTrial Training Info

ATTENTION:  This information is in the process of being updated.  If you are new to JeffTrial and need training, or require any other JeffTrial training information, please contact

This is the training document repository for JeffTrial. Below, you will find the necessary documents pertaining to the various user duties in JeffTrial.




JeffTrial Training Videos

Persons who will be using JeffTrial to manage IRB submissions must first complete a training session specific to the type of research they are doing: oncology or non-oncology. Once registered in JeffTrial, the user will be designated with the role of Regulatory Coordinator and can perform all duties in JeffTrial as required for the IRB workflow.

Currently, the non-oncology Regulatory Coordinator training can be completed by viewing the video accessible from the below link.

We anticipate adding more training videos, especially as new functionality in JeffTrial is introduced.

Non-Oncology Regulatory Coordinators Training Video

Once you have viewed this video, please contact  In the email, provide your name, preferred email address, campus key, and college/department/division.