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Law & Society BS Program

Congratulatory handshake following an engaging Moot Court competition debating Fourth Amendment rights.

What is the Law and
Society Program?

We investigate issues and institutions through the lenses of law, sociology, criminology, psychology, ethics, economics, culture, science, history, politics and political science. We build critical thinking skills and communications skills while we effectively debate. We actively examine legal systems, courts and conceptions of justice and human rights within both the American and international contexts. We examine and discover the reliable evidence while weeding through the false narratives and fake news.

Degrees & Programs

Build critical thinking skills and learn to effectively communicate in any situation while learning about philosophy, ethics, history, politics, economics, culture, science, and religion and how they shape the role of law in society. 


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Evan Laine, JD, MA
Director and Associate Professor,
Law & Society Program
Director, Arlen Specter Center



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