Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Health Insurance

F-1 students may waive out of Jefferson's student health insurance ONLY IF the insurance is an:

  • Employer-based plan through a parent, spouse or own employment (provider network must include proverders in the Philadelphia area) 


  • Individual plan purchased through a government exchange or directly through a carrier which is either a Gold (80%) or Platinum (90%) level plan (provider network must include providers in the Philadelphia area)

If your plan originates outside of the Philadelphia area you must confirm that you will have the abliity to access providers in the area of your current residence while attending classes at Thomas Jefferson University.

Additionally, international students must have the following medical benefits:

  • Medical evacuation of at least than $50,000 to the international student’s home country; and
  • Repatriation (after death, removal of remains) of at least $25,000 to the international student’s home country