Thomas Jefferson University

Transferring to Another School

To be eligible to transfer, you must consistently maintain F status and follow the correct transfer procedures.To maintain your status at your current school, you must continue attending all of your classes until your transfer release date. Your transfer release date is the day on which the designated school official (DSO) at your current school moves responsibility for your Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) record to your new school.

If you have employment authorization such as OPT, and are in the process of transferring to a new school, talk to your current DSO about how your transfer will affect your employment authorization.

Process for Transfer:

  1. Contact and provide information on your intent to transfer and when you intend to transfer. OIA will set up a meeting with you.
  2. Talk to your College and the Registrar's Office of your intent to transfer and when you intend to transfer. Fill out appropriate forms.
  3. Provide with a written confirmation of your acceptance letter by another SEVP-certified school and a SEVIS school code for the transfer-in school.

Note: Check with your new school to see if they have a Transfer-in Form that you and OIA must fill out to confirm the details of your status.