Thomas Jefferson University

J-1 Forms & Procedures
for Departments


INVITE NEW J-1 Scholar

Department will invite a J-1 scholar from abroad to the U.S.



Department will invite a J-1 scholar currently at another U.S. institution to Jefferson


EXTEND J-1 Scholar

Department will extend the J-1 scholar's current program at Jefferson



J-1 Scholar will transfer out of Jefferson to another U.S. institution

Travel Letters

Some scholars will need letters of confirmation from their supervisors when they travel abroad during their J-1 program. These letters may help to mitigate any problems during re-entry into the U.S. to continue their J-1 programs..

J-1 Travel Letter Template
J-2 Travel Letter Template
(dependent of J-1)

J-1 Out of
Country Form

For scholars who must travel for a significant period of time outside the U.S. to do research connected with their J-1 program at Jefferson, the out-of-country form must be completed and returned to OIA before the J-1 scholar departs the U.S. This will ensure continual participation in the J program while mitigating any confusion with immigration authorities upon return to the U.S.

The form is not required for any travel outside the U.S. for less than 30 days.

Out of Country Form