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Procedures for Observerships

According the Council on Medical Education, observership is defined as "a structured opportunity for an IMG to observe clinical practice in a variety of health care settings under the guidance of a physician mentor and to learn about the general structure, characteristics, and financing of health care delivery in the US." Therefore, the observer has no direct patient care responsibilities but is encouraged to participate in daily teaching rounds and discussion of patient care.

If you are interested in an observership,
you must contact the department directly!


Application Process

  1. The Office of International Affairs DOES NOT MAKE PLACEMENTS for visitors in observerships. You must first contact the department for potential observership opportunities.
  2. Once the department has accepted your inquiry, you must determine which non-immigrant visa you are eligible to apply for. Some observers may be eligible for a visa waiver or the B1/B2 visa. Others may need to apply for J-1 visa. Please contact the nearest U.S. Embassy for information and details.

Health Insurance & Immunization Form

In addition to immigration documents, the following documents are required for clearance to begin any volunteer/observation activity at Jefferson:

  1. Proof of health insurance - International Visitors in any immigration status will not be permitted to participate in their program unless they are covered by health insurance.  For information on health insurance, please visit the Health Insurance for Visitors page.
  2. Immunization Documentation Form
    Must be completed BEFORE arrival. Occupational Health Network requires completed immunization forms for clearance to begin observation or research programs. This form must be completed before arrival to Jefferson. Please refer to the Occupational Health Network website for more information: OHN