Thomas Jefferson University

Research or employment at Jefferson

For Jefferson employment opportunity information online, please visit this web site:

Once you have been offered a position, your department will work with OIA to secure the appropriate immigration documents for you. If your department has questions about the procedures for hiring a foreign national, ask them to contact OIA. Common visa categories for research at Jefferson are the J-1, H-1B or TN (for Canadian and Mexican nationals).


Your hiring department at Jefferson must contact OIA to proceed with requesting the appropriate immigration documents.


You will need to work through the department for your position. Check the Jefferson website for your specialty and inquire directly to the department about application procedures. Once you have been offered a position, contact ECFMG about J-1 physician sponsorship. If your department has questions about the H-1B application process, they should contact OIA.

If you are a permanent resident/green card holder, you do not need any additional documents from our office in order to accept employment at Jefferson.  You are considered to be an immigrant with employment authorization incidental to your immigrant status.