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Health Mentors Program

What is the Health Mentors Program?

This is an opportunity for students from Sidney Kimmel Medical College and the Colleges of Nursing, Pharmacy and Health Professions (Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Couple and Family Therapy, and Medical Laboratory Science) to learn firsthand from a patient about things that really matter to patients living with health conditions and/or impairments.

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Volunteering as a Health Mentor gives you the opportunity to help teach students how various health professional roles complement one another in relation to patient-centered care. As a Health Mentor, you can:

  • Have flexible options
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students at Jefferson
  • Share your experiences with others
  • Read about other mentors and teams of students
  • Play a role in training future health professionals

Interested in participating?

Please review the Roles and Responsibilities.

I would like to be a mentor. Let me tell you about myself.

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Being a Health Mentor

After 50 years of navigating the medical maze as a patient I realized that I had never taken the time to really think about what I thought worked and what needed fixing. And here I was with the opportunity to do it with some folks that one day will have a chance to do something about it!!!! Very cool."

-Kenneth Perry, Health Mentor

The Health Mentors Program staff realizes that you have many things going on in your lives. During the first year of the program, the first meeting will be pre-scheduled by Health Mentors Program staff based on your availability from 12:00-2:00pm at Thomas Jefferson University. We will reimburse for travel: CCT-Paratransit, tokens or parking passes. The next meeting is a home visit and you will be able to schedule this with your student team for a date and time that is convenient for you.  You will also be able to schedule the third visit for a date and time that is convenient for you.

Developing Relationships

As a Health Mentor, you will develop a bond with a team of 4-6 Jefferson students.

Sharing Experiences

You will tell students about events in your life, about your health history, about what health insurance does and does not pay for, and about what makes a good health professional. Health Mentors will never have to answer questions with which they aren't comfortable.

Reading Other Teams' Stories

As a mentor, you will receive bi-annual newsletters in the mail about upcoming program activities. Health Mentors and students have an opportunity to share their stories in these newsletters.

Educating Future Health Professionals

Students will learn about patient-centered care. Health Mentors will provide students with a rich understanding of the role of health, and healthcare, in their lives. You will allow students to realize how each profession is a valuable member of the healthcare team. Students will "give back" to their mentors by applying these lessons as they care for patients in the future.

Program Contacts

If you have questions about applying to become a Health Mentor, or would like more information, please email:

Apply to become a Health Mentor


Community Partners

Interested in becoming a Community Partner? Contact us to learn how your organization can participate in the Health Mentors Program.

For Educators

Our educational model has been published on MedEdPORTAL.

We are happy to provide a consultation for any other questions. For more information, contact Sarah Dallas and/or Nethra Ankam & Anne Mitchell.

  • Sarah Dallas, BA
    Health Mentors Program Coordinator
  • Nethra Ankam, MD
    Health Mentors Program Faculty Lead
  • Anne Bradley Mitchell, PhD, ANP-BC
    Health Mentors Program Faculty Lead

For Jefferson Students

Health Mentors Program details and team assignments are posted to iCE and Blackboard.

Student's Experience

Our mentor was wonderful. She actually worked in health care so she had a very good grasp on her own health and what was being done medically to manage her conditions. She also had a very unique insight into being a patient with a chronic illness and caring for a patient with a chronic illness. I know she loved being involved as well.

— Physical Therapy Student

All in all, I believe that I came out of the Health Mentors program with a lot more knowledge and understanding than I entered into it with. In the future as I continue to grow as a new nurse on the floor, I will take into account the whole health picture instead of just my snippet of it. This will help me fully care for a patient.

— Nursing Student

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