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Be a Health Mentor

"After 50 years of navigating the medical maze as a patient I realized that I had never taken the time to really think about what I thought worked and what needed fixing. And here I was with the opportunity to do it with some folks that one day will have a chance to do something about it! Very cool."                                                   

  -Kenneth Perry, Health Mentor

Volunteering as a Health Mentor in the Jefferson Health Mentors Program (JHMP) gives you the opportunity to help teach students how various health professional roles complement one another in relation to patient-centered care.  As a Health Mentor, you can:

  • Have flexible options
  • Develop meaningful relationships with students at Jefferson
  • Share your experiences with others
  • Read about other mentors and teams of students
  • Play a role in training future health professionals

Interested in participating?

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Need more information before applying? Please check out these Frequently Asked Questions.

Program Contacts: If you have questions about applying to become a Health Mentor, or would like more information, please email