Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University

Technical FAQs

YES, you can adjust your contact information anytime by logging into either Jefferson’s Banner Web site (students) or PeopleSoft (faculty/staff) using your Campus Key and changing the settings. This information will automatically be uploaded to MIR3™’s software application within 24 hours.

Jefferson will not verify the accuracy of the contact information you enter. Please check and edit your information as necessary to ensure that Jefferson’s records are accurate and up to date.

NO. The JeffALERT system has a rigid security policy in which authorized personnel ONLY are permitted to send messages using the JeffALERT system in the case of an emergency. The JeffALERT system adheres strictly to a ZERO SPAM policy that clearly prohibits unsolicited messages.

There is no charge for the JeffALERT service from Jefferson. Depending on your wireless carrier and the plan you have, you may be charged a nominal fee (e.g. ten cents per message) to receive SMS text messages. For those with unlimited text messaging plans, there would be no additional charge.

NO. The JeffALERT system, as powered by MIR3™, uses a standard industry SMS text messaging protocol to send messages to your phone. However, your mobile phone plan will need to accept text messages to work properly.

Your contact information will be removed from the JeffALERT Emergency Notification System when there is a change in your affiliation with Jefferson (for students – graduation; for faculty/staff – change in employment status).

The JeffALERT system will automatically transfer your contact information from one service provider to the next. If your actual cellular phone number changes, you will have to update your most current number in Banner Web (students) or in PeopleSoft (faculty/staff).